With a rank on the list of top ten peaceful countries by the Global peace index, Japan is not only popular but is also loved by tourists around the world.

An island country in East Asia, Japan is bordered by the Sea of Japan on the west, with an extension to the Sea of Okhotsk in the north, with China Sea in the East, and Taiwan in the south. Its capital is Tokyo, Japan’s largest city – and it has other major cities like Yokohama, Osaka, to mention but a few. The country has a population of one hundred and twenty million, four hundred and ten thousand (124,410,000) by 2021 estimates.

The national language of Japan is Japanese, and this does not deter people from visiting and loving the country.

On US-Reviews, users shared their experiences as tourists in Japan, and how beautiful the people and their culture are. There are also Japan travel agencies reviews that help people plan their trip to Japan, and experience all the things that make the country loved.

Here are 5 of the reasons that make Japan so popular and loved:

1. Safety

With a reputation as one of the safest countries in the world, Japan is popular amongst people who love to travel, because they are certain of their safety and do not have to worry about insecurity. As safety is important to people, Japan continues to attract people to the country with its assurances of safety.

2. Great Food

For any traveler, food is important. It is one of the ways to experience a place and discover the processes that go into their food preparation. Japan has a variety of delicacies that are both appealing and delicious to taste. People who have visited the country have great things to say about their food, and also how healthy the food there is.

3. Beautiful Scenery

The natural scene of Japan is beautiful to behold. People seem not to be able to get enough of how beautiful the country is. From the mountains to the temples, and their Zen gardens, everywhere in Japan has great aesthetics. Travelers are always enthralled with nature, and they get this to their fill whenever they visit the country.

4. Efficient Transport System

It is easy to move within Japan. This level of transport efficiency in the country attracts travelers.

Travelers like to experience ease when they are in a new place, and they get this whenever they move around in Japan.

5. Hospitable People

Japanese are known to be friendly and warm to visitors. This warm reception people get when in the country makes them love the place and never stop talking about it even after leaving. Hospitality is an important factor for travelers when visiting a new place. It helps people adapt to the environment easily, and get familiar with the place and the culture of the people.


It is not far-fetched why people visit Japan, and all the amazing experiences they get to experience. This love for the country also has a huge impact on the level of popularity the country has.

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