5 Things to Look for in a Car Hire Service at Malaga Airport

5 Things to Look for in a Car Hire Service at Malaga Airport

Car rental is a very convenient service when traveling. While transferring your own vehicle is quite costly and sometimes nearly impossible, there’s always an opportunity to get a temporary one close to the airport.

When talking about car hire in Malaga, there’s definitely a business that offers not only incredible car models but also convenient transfer and other perks for your wellbeing. The arrival is often the most difficult part of the vacation since you have to get used to the air, weather, time zone, and much more.

DELPASO will take care of you and your luggage, allowing you to focus on adjusting to the local environment. Taking this company as an example, we’re here to discuss the most important things to look for in a car rental service.

Location of the Office

The office should be not far from the airport. You don’t have to go to another district with luggage to sign a couple of documents. The closer, the better. The DELPASO office is only 5 minutes from the airport, which gives you a tremendous advantage. No hassle, no worries as to your plans falling apart because of lengthy rides towards a car rental service.

Transfer Availability

Look for car hire in Malaga with a transfer from the airport to their service. A reliable company will take care of you right away. Imagine looking for a bus or another type of transfer by yourself in a new city with all that luggage. With DELPASO, it’s not going to happen.

You get a free transfer from the airport to the office upon arrival and vice versa on the last day!

Rental Prices

The prices must be affordable. You don’t travel to spend all the money on basic convenience. Before choosing the company, find out the average prices of car rental in the area and base your final decision on that, along with other factors we describe here.

Payment Options

The payment options have to be international and secure. The best ones are through Visa and MasterCard cards. DELPASO also offers American Express transfers if you find it more convenient.

The security of your money in another country is essential, and all the services you hire during the vacation have to protect your spendings and their revenue at all costs.


Cars have to be insured properly. While you can’t check whether the documents are up to date because you may not know the laws of the country, the company must consult you on the topic. Always find out whether the car is insured and what payments you need to make in case of an accident.

We hope there will be no problems and you find the best company to rent a car in Malaga. Choose a convenient location, additional services like free cancellation and transfer from the airport, and take this time to try some of your most favorite car models.

This is an amazing opportunity to make your vacation more fun and drive the car of your dreams for some time. Maybe the next holiday you’ll come there in your own vehicle!

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