6 Epic Facts About the Bali GWK Statue

6 Epic Facts About the Bali GWK Statue

6 Epic Facts About the Bali GWK Statue

Staying at a water villa in bali seems like what many tourists want. But do you know which tourist attractions in Bali are fascinating to visit? Besides the beach, you can also visit GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana), the biggest statue in Indonesia. But, there are some interesting facts you should know before visiting the statue.

Facts about the GWK Bali Statue

Beautiful, amazing, and one of the most unique tourist icons in Bali, here are various other interesting facts about GWK:

1. 28 Years Building Process

GWK is one of the icons of Bali not only because of its size but also the building process, which took 28 years. The plan to build GWK was initiated by Nyoman Nuarta in 1989. Still, it was only approved by former president Suharto in 1990.

Its construction stopped in 1998 due to the crisis and was only resumed in 2013. The inauguration itself was only held in September 2018.

2. One of the Highest Statue in the World

The Statue of Liberty in the USA is 30 meters high, while GWK is 121 meters, and the wingspan from one end to the other is 65 meters. When driving on the Bali Mandara Toll Road towards Kintamani, the GWK statue can be seen clearly.

Until now, GWK is the largest and tallest statue in Indonesia and is in third place in the world after the Spring Temple Buddha statue (153 meters) and Myanmar’s Laykyun Sekkya Buddha (135 meters).

3. Involving Thousands of People

The architect and initiator of the GWK Bali Statue are I Nyoman Nuarta, and the project involved 120 artists and around 1000 workers. The work is carried out in 2 locations, involving 600 workers in Bali and 400 workers in Bandung.

4. Made of a Lot of Bronze and Copper

GWK is made of 3,000 tons of bronze and copper plates, making it the heaviest Indonesian statue. When viewed from a distance, GWK is composed of 754 models, and one module measures 4 x 3 meters and weighs 1 ton. The manufacturing cost alone is said to have reached 450 billion IDR.

5. Earthquake Resistant

Not only big and tall, but GWK is a spectacular masterpiece that combines elements of art, science and technology. This statue is predicted to withstand earthquakes and tropical storms.

6. Statue of God

The Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue depicts Lord Vishnu riding the Garuda bird. According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Vishnu is the universe’s guardian god. The statue of Garuda accompanying Lord Vishnu symbolizes selfless devotion and loyalty. Garuda is also a symbol of the country of Indonesia. While the word Kencana is interpreted as “gold” because the statue’s surface is covered in brass.

If you are interested in seeing it up close, you can come to Unggasan Hill, Jimbaran Bali, in the GWK Cultural Park complex. And because of its height, GWK can be seen from a distance of more than 20 km, such as from Nusa Dua, Kuta, Sanur and Tanah Lot.

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