7 of the Most Beautiful Towns in Andalusia Spain

7 of the Most Beautiful Towns in Andalusia Spain

Before, leaving the country was a luxury that only the rich could afford. It has become one of the cheapest and easiest things to do. There are beautiful places around towns in Andalusia, Spain, where the strikingly beautiful white buildings and mountain tops are enough views.

It is more enjoyable when you do this with loved ones. It may be a long vacation, summer vacation, or a relocation. You can plan a cheap holiday in Andalusia. A place like Cadiz in Andalusia is a place that can grant you a cheap and enjoyable holiday.

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You don’t have to get worked up searching for which town to spend the holiday in. We have found out and listed below 7 beautiful towns in Southern Spain (Andalusia) where you can view glamorous places so that you can start planning your trip in earnest.

1. Ronda

Ronda is a place in Malaga, Andalusia. It has an exquisite bridge which allows for exhilarating views. Due to its historic sites and bridges over the gorge, it is a very popular town in Andalusia that you can visit.

Almost anyone in Ronda likes this view and likes to spend quality time here. The Palace of Mondrajon, also called the Palace of the Marquis of Villasierra, is one of the places you cannot afford to miss. Also, bullring for the bullfighting museum is a must-see.

2. Antequera

This is also found in Malaga. It is just up north from the city center in Malaga. This also has a grand view, but not as glamorous and touristy as Ronda. There are magnificent buildings of which the Colegiata Mayor Church is one such.

3. Vejer de la Frontera

This is located in Cadiz. It is a very nice place to view the sunsets. There is a conglomeration of restaurants in the plaza de España.

4. Carmona

Carmona belongs to one of the major places in Seville, which is the capital of Andalusia. Other major places are Osuna, Ecija. These places show the wealth and resources of Andalusia in the purest form. They have grand houses and buildings. There are tapas bars around Plaza de San Fernando for relaxation.

5. Alhama de Granada

Although a small town, it presents a good adventure. A walk from the center of the town to the bottom of the gorge is a splendid experience. There is a spa just outside the town.

6. Cordoba

Unlike Seville and Granada, fewer tourists visit Cordoba decorated with beautiful flowers and patios. There is a top-notch, magnificent Mezquita which is the mosque. The courtyard is open to all. There is also the Guadalquivir river just close to the Mosque.

7. Frigiliana

This is a secluded cliff town. Although secluded, it is the most beautiful town in Andalusia. Everywhere in Frigiliana appear as a monument, with beautiful historic sites and hill towns. There is an old castle which is just on a narrow path across the Mediterranean Sea.

Andalusia is a place with many natural wonders. You can get proper views when you climb minaret or mountain tops. Be sure that the beauty of towns in Andalusia cannot fully be expressed with words. Add these places to your bucket list and see for yourself!

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