7 tips on how to choose a perfect holiday

7 tips on how to choose a perfect holiday

Holidays are mostly about recharging your batteries. That’s why it’s important to be as satisfied as possible. So you don’t have to deal with mold in your hotel room or a dirty beach.

And besides that, you want to be sure that you get what you pay for. How to choose a last-minute holiday, weekend trip, or family vacation?

1. Build on proven quality

How to find responsible vacation companies? Simply – build on proven quality that has been on the market for many years. Tens of thousands of satisfied clients speak for them and the years of experience.

2. Compare prices

Don’t jump right after the first advantageous price offer. Choose three relevant travel guides and compare their prices. In one, you may discover a trip with half board for a great price, but in the other, you can discover all-inclusive last minute for the same price.

3. Do not trust the catalog

Believing a catalog from a travel agency is like believing a salesman on the market. Here you will find photos edited in photoshop, praise for the resort, or information about several years old. Try to look on the Internet for fresh information. Or read helpful customer reviews on Collected.Reviews.

4. Watch the video

In this case, it’s better to see once than to read a hundred times. Many tourists make a video of their vacation and accommodation and then put it on the internet. Surf Youtube, enter the hotel, resort, location in the search engine, and search for videos. It may be a source of valuable information for you.

5. Read blogs

As already mentioned replace the information in the catalog with authentic travel blogs of people who have been accommodated where you want to travel. Articles are usually accompanied by photos, from which you can get a lot. For example, whether the showers in the bathrooms are clean and in good condition, how far is a beach, where you can find a good place to eat, how is the culture, etc.

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