Are You Aware Of These Popular Dog-Friendly Trails & Parks In Reno Tahoe?

Are You Aware Of These Popular Dog-Friendly Trails & Parks In Reno Tahoe?

It is a proven fact that dogs are inclined to add a little extra happiness to any activity. Even cat people can agree. So, let your furry friend encourages you to get outside and have a little fun. Reno Tahoe is popularly known to offer beautiful hiking trails that are dog-friendly and at the end of the day you can also find a cozy hotel in Reno that is pet-friendly, which will let you and best friend to relax.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply grab your best furry friend and check out the following dog-friendly outings in Reno, Sparks, and Lake Tahoe.

  • Mount Rose Trail

The trail is located roughly sixteen miles west on Mount Rose Highway from US 395. This is a park in the Mt. Rose Summit parking lot. The beauty of this hike, in addition to the actual beauty that surrounds you, is the capability to keep it fairly easy or make it a challenge for you and your pup. The complete trail is nearly 4.6 miles – single way – with the 2nd half offering more of an incline. For the ones who are in the hunt for a simpler hike, make your way to the gorgeous waterfall prior to turning back around. You will not regret it and dogs love to cool down in the water.

  • Tunnel Creek Trail

The trail is situated 1.8 miles north of Sand Harbor State Park. Leave your motel in Downtown Reno in the morning to visit this park, which is near the Tunnel Creek Café on State Route 28. This trail is runs for 3.3 miles and is popularly known for a very special reason – it is home to the famous Monkey Rock. Yes, that is right. Once you hike your way up, you will be greeted by a rock with an uncanny resemblance to a friendly gorilla. You can continue to connect with several longer trails such as the Tahoe Rim Trail and Flume Trail, or simply snap a picture with Monkey Rock and call it a successful day.

  • Sparks Marina Loop Trail

The Sparks Marina is an ideal spot if you are simply in search of a leisurely outing. The trail itself is a two-mile paved loop around water with people fishing, paddle boarding and sailing. One section of the marina is gated for dogs to run off-leash. They have plenty of space to run on land and access to the water if they would like to take a little dip. It does get busy, so ensure your furry friend can deal with other dogs, people and the occasional wildfire critter.

Are you looking for more to explore? Simply head up the local 1.9-mile trail of the “n” offering a view of the park and Downtown cityscape below. Look over the white rocks students repaint once a year when they hike to the top. After your well-deserved break, follow the trail back down and out to your car and start your journey to Kramer’s Midtown, the best Reno NV hotel that you can enjoy a comfortable stay.

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