Australia’s Views Of Europe In Indo

Australia’s Views Of Europe In Indo

The French insisted from the start on the need to prevent the emergence of a model new hegemon and to re-establish a “level playing field” in Europe’s relations with China. However, the German text solely carefully alludes to the notion of countering China and devotes considerably extra consideration to the economic alternatives supplied by the Indo-Pacific “region” rather than to the underlying security questions. The Trump administration appropriated the idea and gave it a distinctly anti-China connotation. Until last 12 months, the EU had not engaged with the thought of the Indo-Pacific on a broad conceptual basis, let alone defined its policy priorities for the region.

Globally Present, Regionally Supported

The nearby Italian island of Lampedusa is 207 km from Sicily while just 127 km from the African mainland; equally, Pantelleria is 100 km from Sicily and simply seventy one km from the African mainland. All of these Mediterranean islands, including Malta and Sicily, are literally positioned on the African Plate, and could be considered part of the African continent geologically. However, for political and cultural reasons, maps typically display them as part of Europe as a substitute.

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