Canvas prints VS Hand-painted artworks

Canvas prints VS Hand-painted artworks

What is better to buy a hand-painted painting or a print printed on canvas?

It depends on the size of your wallet.

If you have more than $10,000 in your account to spend on paintings and room décor, hand-drawn ones are, of course, better. In most cases, at least two paintings, even if not three, are needed in a single room. If your flat has three rooms, you’ll need nine paintings. A hand-painted painting can cost up to $ 500. That means that you’ll need approximately $ 5,000 to redecorate the entire flat. The print is five times less expensive. That means, instead of $5000, you will spend $1,000 on prints.

Some people believe that hand-drawn paintings are finer than canvas prints. Of course, these folks are right, but only to a certain extent. A high-quality print can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from the original image.

Furthermore, some producers produce prints using waterproof canvas. Some of the canvases are protected from the sun. Prints are undoubtedly more durable than hand-drawn paintings. The hand-drawn paintings may fade and the paint may fall, but the prints will hang and delight you for a very long time, perhaps even your entire life. Of course, original artworks can increase in value over time. Canvas prints will not become more expensive, but they will continue to delight you for the rest of your life.

In general, while deciding whether to buy a print or a hand-drawn artwork, you should first look into your wallet to see how much money you have. Just, if you want to fully decorate your home or if you simply want to buy one painting and hang this in one place, you may get a hand-painted one. Some people believe original paintings to be an investment opportunity since they can help you invest money effectively if you choose a talented artist. To buy a painting profitably, you must be well-versed in painting and have an eye for good art. After all, if you pay a lot of money for an artwork that isn’t very excellent, it will just lay there and you’ll waste your money.

If you work as a designer and need to quickly and cheaply decorate a room, prints will undoubtedly suit you. Of course, if your client wants cheap prints at home, but other consumers want only hand-drawn paintings. I recommend that you first discuss it with your client.

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