In this sense, the Netherlands holds that Australia and the United States must be thought to be the EU’s primary companions within the area, together with Canada and international locations belonging to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations . Depending on the final word nature of the initiative, additional partners, similar to Sri Lanka, might be included. For the island, the Indo-Pacific represents a field of opportunity for Europe, by which an EU strategy would translate into an assertion of European strategic autonomy. The key partners in the region with which the European Union should seek to deepen ties are Japan, Australia, and China. The democratic character, or in any other case, of potential partners is not necessarily considered a priority. In Lithuania, debate concerning the Indo-Pacific is directed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which sees the objective of an EU strategy on the area as somewhat essential for its defence and international coverage objectives.

Usa Of America

Sweden sees the members of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership , India, and Indonesia as an important future FTA partners. Sweden values environmental and social standards very extremely in an FTA associate, as properly as measures to protect the climate, mental property rights, and competitors coverage. Technological priorities for Sweden in an Indo-Pacific strategy would come with 5G partnerships, accountable AI practices, electrification, reducing carbon emissions within the Indo-Pacific, and rights in cyber space.


The country’s centre-right authorities frames Slovenian national interests when it comes to sovereignty – in opposition to migration, multiculturalism, and overreach by international organisations. Parts of academia criticise neoliberal fashions of international growth resulting in environmental and social dumping. There are, nonetheless, some focused discussions in Slovenia on diversifying and reshoring supply chains, especially food and agriculture, due to the country’s national trade deficit, market value fluctuations, and competitive pressures inside the sector.

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