Croton Point Park

Croton Point Park

Hiking trails wind through the scented, sage-dotted hills to table-top cliffs with panoramic views. The park even offers nine-hole and miniature golf for guests who equate a desert trip with a good sport on the green. Near the lodge are 33 cabins located along the bluff with views of the canyon. Another cabin with a kitchen is a brief drive away.

Picnic & Day

Dry Falls is the skeleton of the best waterfalls in geologic history. It is three.5 miles wide, with a drop of more than four hundred toes. By comparison, Niagara, one mile broad with a drop of solely 165 feet, could be dwarfed by Dry Falls. Dry Falls is a geological marvel of North America. Carved by Ice Age floods more than thirteen,000 years in the past, the former waterfall was once four times the dimensions of Niagara Falls.

Bear Brook State Park

Some of the tent spots are small and shut together. Leave rocks, plants and different pure objects as you discover them. In 2015, Letchworth received the USA TODAY Readers’ Choice Award for Best State Park within the United States!

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