Different Ways to Mow the Lawn

Different Ways to Mow the Lawn

Most people don’t think about the different ways to mow the lawn. They just get out their lawn mower and start cutting the grass. However, there are actually different approaches people take to lawn mowing. There is some debate about the best height for grass. Should mowing be done weekly or bi weekly? What factors could delay mowing, such as rain, snow, fungal disease, others?

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Start Your Engines!

The most common method of mowing the lawn is with a rotary lawnmower. This type of lawnmower has horizontal spinning blades that cut the grass. The rotary blades can be adjusted to different heights. The higher the setting, the taller the grass will be when it is cut. Some people prefer to set the blades high so they don’t have to mow as often. Others prefer to set them low so they can get a nice, manicured look.

There are also reel lawn mowers. Reel mowers have horizontal spinning blades that look like a reel of film. These types of lawnmowers are pushed like a standard rotary mower, but they require more effort because you are actually cutting the grass with a blade instead of just tearing it with a rotary blade. Reel mowers are great for those who want a very pristine looking lawn.

Whatever type of lawnmower you use, you should always sharpen the blades before each use. Sharp blades will give you a clean cut and prevent damage to your grass. You should also mow in different directions each time you mow. This will help prevent your grass from getting too used to being cut in only one direction and prevent it from getting damaged.

  • Remember, the best lawn mowing practices involve mowings once per week to allow healthy new growth, and grass should generally stay around 3 inches tall.

Benefits of Professional Lawn Care

Utilizing a professional lawn care company is the best way to improve your lawn. below is a list of some of the most common benefits people receive when they call in the pros:

  1. Professional lawn care companies will have the right equipment and knowledge to ensure your grass is always cut correctly and in a way that won’t damage the turf.
  2. Lawn care professionals understand how to properly fertilize, aerate, dethatch, seed and weed your lawn for optimal health.
  3. They can identify any problems with your lawn such as disease or pests and provide solutions quickly and effectively.
  4. Hiring a professional ensures that you are getting the best quality service possible; they know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to maintaining a healthy yard year-round.
  5. Professionals also have access to specialized products that may not be available to the average homeowner

Start Mowing

As you can see, there are different ways to mow the lawn. Some people prefer to use a rotary lawnmower while others prefer a reel lawn mower. There is some debate about the best height for grass, but most experts agree that you should change directions each time you mow to prevent damage to your grass. Whatever method you choose, always sharpen your blades before each use!

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