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Global Presence

The Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Finance every see the Indo-Pacific as each a field of opportunity for Europe and an anti-China strategic device. More departmental disagreement comes from the finest way in which an eventual EU Indo-Pacific technique would be interpreted, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stating that it will be an assertion of European strategic autonomy. The Ministry of Defence, although, views it additionally as a way of managing transatlantic alliances, and the Ministry of Finance sees it as a method of aligning with the United States.

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Similar divergences exist in relation to human rights abuses in other Southeast Asian nations, such as in the Philippines and Thailand. 6.70 Despite the scope of the strategic issues involved, the Committee is ready to conclude that US engagement within the Asia Pacific is considered a constructive outcome by nearly all of Australians and importantly it seems to be equally welcomed by the vast majority of Governments within the region. Japan, Thailand, South Korea and the Philippines are bilateral alliance companions with the US in their very own right and both India and Singapore have commenced ‘Strategic Framework’ discussions with the US. The extent of those preparations with Asian nations additionally suggests that regional leaders may be far more pragmatic than some commentators report and that feedback that Australia’s alliance with the US one means or the other distances Australia from Asia are also false. 6.34 The vast majority of submissions to the inquiry agree that US relations with an more and more subtle People’s Republic of China are key to regional stability. China has an active position in strategic and safety affairs within the Asia – Pacific area, as evidenced by the 18 September 2005 Chinese brokered settlement on North Korean nuclear disarmament, and China’s financial system is among the main stimulants in world markets.

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