How to Grow Your eCommerce Email List?

How to Grow Your eCommerce Email List?

When your existing audience base is disengaged, you may have to start building your new prospect list.

It may appear to be a difficult task when you don’t have the right tools.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, stay tuned. I will share a few tips to kickstart the process.

Use Email Lookup Tools to Find Emails

In recent years, there is a high usage of email lookup tools to find emails of prospects. These tools bring down your effort and save time. is an email finder tool that uses big data and machine learning mechanisms to find the email address format.

To begin with, you may use the freemium pack and then see the result by yourself. After that, you may opt for the paid plan. 

Popup Form

Believe it or not, websites play a significant role when it comes to collecting email addresses. 

As you know, not every person who visits your website will readily buy products from you. And many might like your product and wish to purchase it in the future. Uch prospects will be happy to share their email address to stay in touch with your brand and be informed about any new launches or offers.

Email Subscription Form in the Footer

Almost every website template has an email newsletter signup form in the footer. 

Did you ever think about why there is a form unnecessarily lying on the footer? But you know, it is also a hot spot to capture the visitors’ email addresses. 

A footer is a place where every user goes to see further information about an organization. 

There is more likely that a user fills in the email subscription form.

Giveaways and Contest

Everyone loves free stuff that adds value to them. For such things, they would be willing to provide their email address. 

You can use the popup forms to notify your visitors about any contest or giveaways. 

You must ensure that the contest or giveaway is related to your business. This ensures that people enrolling for this are relevant to your business, and you can add them to your target segment.

How about a Referral Program?

When you keep your customers happy, they will automatically become your brand voice. 

You can launch a referral program asking your loyal customers to refer people in their network and get an incentive in return.

The incentive could be in any form – money, coupon, gift voucher, etc. 

This approach works great as you make your existing customers happy with incentives and simultaneously grow your email list.

Sign in for Faster Checkout or Check Out as Guest Options

Customers prefer convenience while shopping. You can give a signup option for an easy shopping experience the next time they shop with you. And also, place a “Check out as guest button” too.

Your prospect will decide whether to sign in or continue as a guest.

Final Thoughts

The efficiency of your email marketing campaign is highly dependent on the quality of your prospect list. 

Therefore, apply any of the above methods to build your prospect’s email list. And them provide your prospects with the best experience whenever they shop from your eCommerce store.

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