Keep Your Dull Knives Safe with These 4 Tips!

Keep Your Dull Knives Safe with These 4 Tips!

Dull knives fill kitchen cutlery constantly in 2022, leaving their effectiveness diminished at your expense. Here are some tips to avoid injury, keep your knives at their sharpest, and safer for the long term.

Tips to Keep Your Knives Sharp

Sharpen in the Home

Whether you have a full knife sharpening set, or just a basic knife sharpener, it’s always good to sharpen them periodically to avoid any risk of injury. Dull blades are far more dangerous than sharp ones. This is because you have to apply more force to use them effectively, and are inexperienced with their reliability. Trusting your blade to make clean cuts is essential to keeping yourself and others safe when cooking.

Clean Safely

Cleaning your knives will allow the metal to not corrode or have any internal damage start to set in. This includes avoiding using particularly harmful chemicals, extreme temperatures, and more.

Right Tool for the Job

You wouldn’t use a lawnmower to vacuum, would you? The same goes for using the right knife set for each of your cuts. For example, using serrated edge blades are great for cutting into red meats and giving you cleaner pieces. Using any old kitchen knife puts the user at risk and can be far more difficult than it needs to be.

Identify Damage to Your Knives

Blades occasionally will get bent or twisted after too much force is applied to them. Not to worry! You just will either need to have them repaired, or replaced. Usually, most homeowners will elect to go with getting a new set OC Knife Sharpening, since repairing one knife can be expensive. Unless of course the set is significant to the family or there’s an attachment to the set.

Overall, dull knives are extremely common and could cause an injury at any moment. Be careful with your knives and make sure to sharpen them today!

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