Maricopa County Parks & Recreation

Maricopa County Parks & Recreation

Come discover all the park has to offer and stay awhile in our campground. In a much less familiar realm of sights and sounds, experience the changing colors and moods in the blending zone of daylight and “nightlight”. Star watching will comply with programs, climate allowing.

Wilderness State Park

Two lakes and various other small streams add to the park’s excellent scenic magnificence. One particularly giant lake, overlaying a portion of northwest Montana, performed an important position within the formation of Dry Falls. As this lake grew in dimension, it will definitely broke through the ice dam, unleashing an incredible volume of water to rush across northern Idaho and into Eastern Washington. Catastrophic floods raced throughout the southward-dipping plateau numerous times, etching the coulees or ravines that characterize this area, now often recognized as the Channeled Scablands.

Camping At Bear Brook

Considered the “Grand Canyon of the East,” the gorge fashioned by Genesee River has rock walls that tower at 550 feet in some locations. There are three massive waterfalls within the park, and as many as fifty more waterfalls on the tributaries that circulate into it. The three major waterfalls are referred to as Upper, Middle and Lower Falls – the Seneca believed that the Middle Falls were so wondrous that it made the sun stop at noon.

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