Places to see and things to do on the Portuguese island of Madeira

Places to see and things to do on the Portuguese island of Madeira

Madeira is located in the Atlantic at the height of Morocco, which, in my opinion, stands out for the color of its forests and landscapes full of herbs and flowers.

Nature is at its purest, where its surprising viewpoints impress you.

Temperatures are warm and humid year-round, with rainfall only during the winter, making it a destination that can visit anytime.

Despite being an island, Madeira does not have wide sandy beaches, as it is a land of volcanic origin with many cliffs.

So that you can explore the island in depth, we want to make a selection of the top places of interest in Madeira that you should know about if you are planning a trip to this amazing Portuguese island. Things to do in Madeira and see on a tour of Madeira tours. Let’s start from the beginning, and in this case, we should know that the capital is the city of Funchal, where the island’s airport is located, as well as most of the major hotels located in the vicinity of this city.

The population on the island of Madeira extends up the slopes of the mountains, and Funchal is no exception.

1. Funchal Old Town and the Painted Doors

As you walk through the historic center, you will find examples of how to rehabilitate a neighborhood that was years ago a poor area that they decided to repair.

For years, local artists have painted the doors of low abandoned houses.

Around Rúa de Santa María, Funchal’s street of bars and restaurants, you can see the many colorful pictures and sculptures adorn its street doors.

Today, walking through it is like taking a tour of a spontaneous museum, where each owner is free to decorate his doors and windows.

2. Funchal Cable Car

One of the city’s icons that you can’t help but try is the Funchal cable car.

It departs from the old quarter next to the sea and takes you to the town of Monte, on the hills of which a tropical garden is located, a place still waiting for Madeira’s next visit.

3. Botanical gardens

You will find this miniature replica of Eden just 3 km from the center of Funchal. Built-in 1960 as a private initiative of the Reid family, now owned by the Government, so fully visitable. Inside you will find up to 2,000 species of plants. The garden designs are imaginative and colorful, so visiting them is always a stimulating experience for the senses. In addition, from the park, you can enjoy excellent views of the city and the Atlantic.

4. Faja dos Padres and Cabo Girao in Madeira

The Faja dos Padres and the Cabo Girao viewpoint are two special angles in Madeira; They are not located in the old city of Funchal but are very close to the town and worth mentioning.

Cabo Girao is one of the highest viewpoints in Europe with a see-through walkway over the cliffs, yes, an experience only for those without vertigo.

On the other hand, Faja Dos Padres is a pebbly beach accessible by boat or cable car.

Situated at the base of a cliff and on the beach is a restaurant with spectacular views, the ideal place to eat and enjoy its terrace by the sea.

The island’s north is one of the most beautiful areas to visit in Madeira.

5. Santana,

40 km from Funchal is the beautiful town of Santana. With nearly 9,000 residents, Santana is a great choice to enter a place of great scenic and cultural value. In Santana, besides its natural surroundings full of hydrangeas, you can admire buildings of high artistic value, such as the Iglesia Matriz de San Jorge or the Chapel of Santa Ana, built in the 17th century. However, what Santana is most famous for and charming is his traditional triangular house with a thatched roof.

When is the best time to travel to Madeira?

Due to Madeira’s subtropical climate, any time of year is the perfect time to get closer to its charms. However, summer is the season with the greatest flow of tourists, so it is also when tour services operate at full capacity (and ticket and accommodation prices increase). We recommend visiting Madeira in spring, especially since you can enjoy the famous Festival of Flowers when the streets of Funchal are decorated with lush multi-colored flowers and vegetation. Winter can also be a great time to visit the island, especially on New Year, as Madeira boasts one of the world’s largest New Year’s fireworks celebrations.

There are so many things to do in Madeira that no matter what you’re looking for in your trip, you’ll always find a plan tailored to your needs when traveling to Tenerife. And while the island’s beautiful beaches are highly acclaimed nationally and internationally, lying in the sun and bathing is just a small part of the many things to do in Tenerife.

The island of Tenerife is one of those destinations that, although not too far away and still a national territory, makes you feel that you are in a very remote and exotic place. Perhaps it is its volcanic nature, the pleasant climate that lasts all year round, or its proximity to the mysterious and vibrant continent of Africa. Whatever the reason, traveling to Tenerife is a godsend for the senses.

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