Plan Your Trip To Wonderfull Indonesia

Plan Your Trip To Wonderfull Indonesia

Plan Your Trip To Wonderfull Indonesia. Gorontalo is a relatively new province on Sulawesi Island.
Many tourism potentials are scattered in this province,
but not much is known because this Gorontalo province is only used as a gateway to reach other tourism in northern Sulawesi.
One example, tourists choose flights to Gorontalo only to visit the Togean Islands National Park which actually enters the Central Sulawesi region.

The local government is improving and is starting to aggressively promote the customs, culture.

And the natural beauty of Gorontalo Province to be known and also ready to accept local and foreign tourists.
A beach on the south coast that is still in Tomia Bay was made the belle of tourism in this area.
However, what is favored is not the beaches, but the richness of marine life contained under the waters around the coast.

Plan Your Trip To Wonderfull Indonesia

This tour is named Olele Marine Park, located in Olele village, Kabila Bone District, Bone Bolango Regency.
It only takes about thirty minutes to forty-five minutes to reach this marine park.
The distance is about 20 km from Gorontalo city center.

The white sandy Olele Beach is very close to residential areas.
But the close distance does not make the surrounding waters polluted.
The water still has good visibility, the coral reefs are still dense and well maintained.
This proves that the local people still care and understand the potential of wealth in their area.

Olele Sea Park

Colorful coral with various shapes will welcome anyone who tries to throw themselves into the waters of the Olele Sea Park.
At a depth of two meters, a stretch of coral can be seen clearly.
This place is very suitable for snorkeling, plus the waters here are quite calm because it is located in a bay, namely Tomini Bay.

If you feel unsatisfied with snorkeling, diving is the right choice when you visit this marine park.
There are many dive spots with different characteristics from one another.
The spots are Jinn Cave, Traffic Circle, Honeycomb, and Muck Dive, but the favorite of divers is Jinn Cave.

You need to know, in this marine park there are endemic coral sponges that cannot be found in any waters.
Its existence is sought by foreign divers.
Its uniqueness is in the coral motifs that resemble the paintings of one of the artists from Spain named Salvador Dali.
The painting is named L’enigma del Desiderio. Therefore this sponge coral (Petrosian Lignosa) is known as Salvador Dali.

In addition, for divers who like small animals and macro photography.

Even in this marine park, there are many adorable nudibranchs and shrimp such as anemone shrimp, saron shrimp, and orangutan shrimp.

The preservation and richness of last biota in these waters makes Olele Marine Park like a hidden paradise that has not been so touched.

Plan Your Trip To Gorontalo

Vegetables are often avoided by some people in Indonesia and even in the world.

Even though the nutritional content contained in them is clearly very beneficial for body composition.
The same type of processed products might be one of the reasons for not consuming vegetables.

But the anti-vegetables should try a Gorontalo dish that is rich in delicious nutrition with a variety of vegetables.
A mixture of corn, basil, tomatoes, plus, skipjack or shrimp into a combination of foods that have high nutritional value.
The name of this food is Binte Biluhuta, or often also called Milu Siram.

Binte Biluhuta in Gorontalo means watered corn

At first glance, it sounds ordinary, but the taste of Milu Flush will spoil the taste of the audience.
There are three kinds of flavors offered from this one snack, namely spicy, sweet, and salty.
For spicy culinary connoisseurs, Binte Biluhuta is the right answer for what you are looking for.
Cayenne pepper is one of the main ingredients that is mixed into Binte Biluhuta sauce.

The spicy taste of the chili will give a spicy and warm taste to the tongue.

The process of cooking this processed is actually not too difficult, just boil the corn.

And other ingredients such as red chili, cayenne pepper, and onion separately.

Then save it in a bowl, and mix the grated coconut along with dried shrimp, chopped tomatoes, and orange juice.

Then that becomes a complement to the taste is pour the sauce that has been boiled into a bowl that contains ingredients that have been mixed before.

If you visit Gorontalo and want to taste this special food, you can simply go to restaurants that provide typical Gorontalo menus.

Which are scattered in every corner of the city.

It will not be difficult to find a restaurant that offers a Binte Biluhuta menu.

Because this food is like being a mandatory food for the people of Gorontalo.
If you haven’t had the chance to feel the fresh taste of Binte Biluhuta in your hometown.

You can try making these special preparations at home.
With common food ingredients, it is certainly not difficult to make Binte Biluhuta by your own hands.

Northern Sulawesi

Gorontalo Province is not only known for its distinctive culinary tastes.

But also with a row of attractions with beautiful natural scenery waiting to be visited.
In North Gorontalo District, which is the youngest regency in Gorontalo Province.

There is a small uninhabited island that is still rarely visited.
This island stores beauty that is no less beautiful than other tours in Gorontalo.

The island, located in Deme Village, Sumalata District, Gorontalo Regency is named Diyonumo Island.
The name of the island may still be a little strange to the ears of tourists even in the ears of Gorontalo citizens.

Because the island is still fairly virgin with the absence of tourist facilities that are usually found in other tourist attractions.
Camping with friends on Diyonumo Island is highly recommended, you can be satisfied around the island.
To add to the exciting experience, you can also fish and burn fish and sea animals to prop your stomach after a day of traveling around the island.
If you do not want to bother, it is not uncommon for fishermen to stop by this island, visitors can buy various kinds of fish or squid to be cooked.

Diyonumo Island

If departing from the center of Gorontalo City, the location of Diyonumo Island can be reached within two or three hours by road.
After taking this time, visitors will arrive in the District of Sulamata.
From here visitors can continue the journey to the village of Deme 2.

Which is a crossing to Diyonumo Island?
The crossing is carried out using small boats owned by residents who are usually used to find fish.
The crossing only takes less than 15 minutes.

A moment arrived at the shore of this island, it does seem ordinary, looks like a beach in general.

But don’t be in a hurry, try to climb a little to the hill.
You will be amazed by the beauty that is displayed from this uninhabited island.

The expanse of tall grass as if to warmly welcome anyone who comes to this island.
The grass that grows tall and wide meets the top of the hill, very suitable as a place to take pictures.

The combination of the green color of the expanse of grass on the top of the hill Diyonumo Island.

With the blue sea water around the island, adding to the beauty of the Almighty paintings in North Gorontalo.

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