The best Hotels in Asia

The best Hotels in Asia

The best Hotels in Asia. There are uncountable reasons why you should at least once in your life time, visit Asia.
Asia is a continent filled with lots of diversities ranging from religion to tribes to mountains, and so on.
If we are to pick just one of the fantastic things in Asia, for this short piece, we will choose to look at hotels in Asia.
For countries like India and Japan, they have hotels that showcase glamour and warmth with all manners of accommodation options.
As you read through this piece, the best hotels in Asia, you stand to gain a lot as you will be privileged to know their histories.


This property was the first Dutch colonial residence; it’s dated back to the year 1700, making it a historic fixture in Galle.
If you visit the building today, it now has a changed look as it has now become a luxury Aman location.
Despite lots of renovations, staying there still makes you feel like one is at a stately colonial compound. Giving the place a visit is nothing but a great adventure and a worth for the money you spend.

Onyx hotel

The best Hotels in Asia
Onyx Hotel

This hotel is a branch of the Onyx hospitality group in Asia; they have started their business and running it for not less than forty-five years across the continent of Asia. Onyx hotels are a well-equipped hotel good for travelers who have one thing or the other to perform in any part of Asia. They provide customers with an open and approachable leadership style by recognizing and establishing a good relationship between staff and customers.

Capella Ubud, Bali

Bali forest is famous because of its elegant tents. The tents are ornately-carved to look like wool walls.
The tents have a painted panoramic ceiling that will make you smack on seasonal Ubud dishes and so many other things you have never come across before in your life.

Bulgaria hotel, Shanghai

As more people visit china every day for one business of the other. It has made more people set up hotels wanting to compete with Bulgaria hotels.
When you get to this hotel, you will be surprised to see marvelous views from all directions; it has an ear-popping elevator ride if that is your choice around the hotel that can take you to the upper parts of the hotel so you can view shanghai’s history.

Nihi Sumba

Going to Nihi Sumba is a fifty minutes journey from Denpasar.
The hotel is well built and located on an island where you can catch a wave of Occy’s Left and horseback riding over at Sandalwood.

There is so much fun to catch if you choose to travel to Asia.
No doubt, visiting Asia at least once in a lifetime is an excellent opportunity.
Aside from that, it is a means of changing your environment to explore other parts of the world; it will expose you to so many things you never thought could ever exist.
Your visit will be great and fun, particularly when you choose to visit any of these hotels.

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