The Importance of Seal Coating Your Driveway

The Importance of Seal Coating Your Driveway

Seal coating is a great strategy to keep your property’s asphalt maintained. Unfortunately, throughout the year your surfaces are going to sustain damage. Whether that be through high traffic, inclement weather, or other factors.

The best route to keep this damage minimal is to patch potholes and seal your surfaces periodically. Here are some tips on how to pursue seal coating solutions, what damage to be aware of, and other solutions you may need.

What Damage can Seal Coating Patch?

Installation and Moisture Cracks

Cracks will sprout from fatigued use on the surfaces. After poor installation or heavy condensation, your surfaces are much more prone to these popping up. Depending on the climate of your area, moisture will build up differently. You have to be aware of how the rain has been affecting the surface primarily since this will mesh with the surrounding grass and landscaping surfaces. When plants start to build up overgrowth around your asphalt, this can cause swelling that forces these cracks to become even more cumbersome.


A large pothole is referred to as a blowout. A base that was never sturdy or became less sturdy recently will fall victim to blowouts in some instances. Unfortunately, this often requires a new installation for the surface. This gets far more expensive on your end. However, they are avoidable with good installation practices. Generally, inexperienced installers are at fault for these issues. Make sure to do your homework on your end to avoid blowouts.

Reflection Cracks

These cracks are rarely the current homeowner’s fault. Usually, you’ll find these damages sprout up when a previous installation went poorly, and the surface was sealed over. Also, this usually happens more often with do-it-yourself patching rather than work from experts. With expert attention, you’re going to see far fewer reflection cracks develop because of the precision they apply to their work. Additionally, upkeep is much easier for homeowners to perform on their own.

Get Started on Seal Coating!

Overall, we know how frustrating these issues are and are ready to help on our end. Get started with seal coating solutions today and call one of our experts. Will you give an on-site estimate to prepare your surfaces perfectly for long-term durability and the highest quality repairs? Also, we can repave or completely replace any surfaces that were improperly installed in the past.

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