Top 10 Things to Do in Bucharest Romania

Top 10 Things to Do in Bucharest Romania

Top 10 Things to Do in Bucharest Romania. Bucharest is unquestionably one of Europe’s most visited cities, thanks mainly to its affordability and unique attractions.
For visitors who are always looking to experience something different and authentic – Romania’s vibrant and chaotic capital is a great attraction.
If you are there for the first time, here’s the hand-picked guide to some of the best things you can do in Bucharest.

  1. Visit the Palace of the Parliament

The Palace of the Parliament is a must-visit landmark, also known as the House of the People. The Palace was built by communists and it is considered one of the most impressive and controversial constructions in the world.
For most people in Romania, it is an unforgettable symbol of the communist regime that reshaped the country’s history.

The Palace of the Parliament is the second-largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon building.
The Palace has 370,000 square meters and is 84 meters high.
The building was constructed in a way that that could resist a devastating earthquake.

There are more than 1,000 rooms and some of them have hand-made decorations from the finest and most expensive materials.
There is a myth that there are anti-nuclear shelters and escape tunnels from the underground.

  1. Take a walk on Victoriei Avenue


A tour on Victoriei Avenue is not only one of the best ways to explore the historical and cultural attractions but also a great starting point to explore Bucharest off the beaten track.

The main attractions of Victoriei avenue are the National Museum of History, the Revolution Square, the Military Palace, CEC Palace, the National Museum of Art, the Atheneum, the Museum of Art Collections, and Cantacuzino Palace.
The National Museum of History and the National Museum of Art are e must-see too.

  1. Explore the Old Town

The Old Town should be the first part of your Bucharest stay.
The preserved oldest monuments in the capital, but also lively streets crammed with many restaurants and bars, make this small part of Bucharest one of the most vibrant areas.
The Old Town has a lot of attractions including the 19th-century Manuc Inn, the oldest church in the city, medieval ruins, the Stavropoleos Monastery, former bank buildings, and old merchant streets.
During summertime, the conservative streets are almost fully occupied by outdoor terraces.
If you want a less crowded experience, start your tour in the first part of the day, and come back in the evening for a typical Romanian dinner.

  1. Visit the Village Museum

The Village Museum displays over 53,000 traditional objects in the complex collection.
The exhibition features over 300 monuments such as hundreds of years old wooden churches, traditional houses, and installations.
All of the monuments are brought to the museum from different corners of the country.
The Museum is located in Bucharest’s largest park, Herastrau.
The museum can be a unique opportunity to get to know a significant part of Romania’s cultural heritage.
Make sure to visit it!

  1. Visit the Bellu Cemetery

The Bellu Cemetery is honestly one of the most authentic attractions in Bucharest.
The Cemetery includes a splendid outdoor gallery of impressive funeral sculptures and tombs that were created by famous artists.

  1. Visit centuries-old churches

Bucharest is known for many old churches, some of them have significant historical value.
The churches are dating from different centuries and built in different architectural styles.
The churches have a rich history. We recommend visiting the churches of Stavropoleos, Bucur, Coltea, Sfantu Gheorghe, Antrim, Mihai Voda, and the Patriarchy.

  1. Discover the local parks

Bucharest is considered one of the greenest capitals in Europe.
The Bucharest parks are a true oasis in the urban jungle. Carol Park, Herastrau, and Cismigiu are known as the best parks.
You’ll see at least one of them if you explore the central part of Bucharest on foot.

  1. Try the pastry

Locals have a great passion for food, especially pastry, and you can find a pastry on almost every corner.
The pretzels and Covrigi, are a local favorite.
They are made in different shapes and flavors, salty and sweet – but we are sure as hell they all are delicious.
We suggest, also to try the salty Dobrogeana, a traditional Romanian cheese pie, or the apple strudels.

  1. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife


Although Bucharest is a city known for its culture, theaters, and museums, the Romanian capital is also popular for its sophisticated and energetic nightlife.
This city offers many opportunities for fun and entertainment for all tastes.
For all the men that are going to be grooms, we recommend trying Bucharest Stag Dos.

  1. Go to the beach

While this can be a surprising suggestion, at first sight, going to the beach is perfectly possible. You can head to Sands of Therme as it is considered one of the biggest urban beaches in Europe. In the winter the covered thermal water pools at Therme are open too.

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