Travel Tips That Will Make Your Visit To New York Better

Travel Tips That Will Make Your Visit To New York Better

New York City is intimidating. It is normal to feel strange when visiting for the first time. Fortunately, there are several things you can do so that your visit will be more enjoyable. The tips below will make you have a lot more fun when you go to New York with Cathay Pacific flights for the perfect overall experience. And you will look less like a tourist while you do this.

Public Transportation Is Great For Tourists In New York City

The very best way to navigate the city is to use public transportation. This is because NYC traffic is simply insane. You can easily end up stuck at one traffic light for over ten minutes. If you want to visit major tourist attractions, like Times Square, you end up spending most of the time in a car. The subway system is particularly effective. While you can definitely take a cab, if you do have to go by car, try a ridesharing service like Lyft or Uber instead since this is much more affordable.

Obviously, this also means it is a bad idea to rent a car. You will have huge problems in finding parking and garages are incredibly expensive. Oftentimes, it is just faster to walk than to drive a car.

Avoid Eating In Times Square

Every single first time visitor wants to enjoy Times Square. You should, of course. However, you should never eat there. The prices are simply overpriced, just like restaurants located where you live. The big tourist attractions also tend to have very mediocre food, which is what you should expect in the heart of the Big Apple. If you absolutely need to eat there, do your research. There are some hidden great spots. But, there is a pretty good possibility you will be tempted by something else, which would cost too much.

We should also mention that most chain restaurants have to be avoided. This includes things like Planet Hollywood, Olive Garden, and Red Lobster. You can eat at nice restaurants but avoid the chains since they are simply not worth it. If you are to dine at some of the great top restaurants of NYC, do make a reservation first.

Tipping Is Very Important In New York

A dark side of New York, just as with many other big cities around the world, is that workers are not paid as they should be. Business owners simply do not pay normal living wages. This is true for restaurants and several other service-based businesses. This is why you should tip your waiters as they live off of that.

While in large parts of Asia and in some parts of Europe tipping does not really exist, the same cannot be said about NYC. Generally, tip around 15% of your bill. The receipt will say if the tip was included.

People In New York Are Not Actually Rude

Movies and the media make it seem like NYC is filled with rude locals. This is not actually correct. Most people will actually be very happy to give you a helping hand when you need it.

The only thing that is actually different than what most people expect is that New Yorkers are in a rush. Everything is fast-paced and people tend to be more stressed and overworked. And the city is crowded so you can expect things to be a little weird. While some rudeness does appear from time to time, usually, New Yorkers are very happy to see tourists.

There Are Traffic Rules On The Sidewalk

Sidewalk traffic is always very important with a crowded city like New York. This is why it is a good idea to know the local rules.

For starters, if the sidewalk is busy, you need to keep walking. If you stop, you create chaos as you stop others. In the event that you have to stop, do it close to a wall or off to a side of the sidewalk. In addition, 2 lanes exist on sidewalks, just as with cars. Walk on the right side. If you do not walk fast, move as to the right as you can. And if you travel with a larger group, do not occupy the entire sidewalk. Lining up against one another is always a bad idea.

It Can Be Difficult To Find A Bathroom

The best thing that you can do is to make sure you use the restaurant bathroom when you eat there. This is because, in most places, you cannot use the bathroom as a non-customer. As expected, some free places do exist where bathrooms are available, like Penn Station or New Jersey Amtrak. They are not clean but you can definitely use them.

The City Is Dirty

If you travel to several big cities around the world, you surely know that they tend to be dirty. NYC is no different. It is always best to avoid touching the rails as much as possible, especially when you ride the subway. In addition, some of the streets you will walk by will smell like garbage. This is just something you cannot avoid in a big city so be ready for it.

Avoid The Tourist Traps

Most tourists think they can avoid tourist traps in New York but it is so easy to become a victim. In NYC, the common traps appear in the people who try to sell you stuff on the streets. You will be offered things like real designer bags for a very low price, some free tickets to exclusive venues, or really cheap tickets to others. There is always a high possibility you are faced with a scam.

Also, if someone pulls you in to take a picture in Times Square, just politely say no. You will end up harassed after taking the picture to give a tip. And the tip they want is not just $1.

At the end of the day, New York is an incredible travel destination you are going to simply love. The tips above will help you and there are several others you can get from experienced travelers.

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