Travel with children by car – Tips and Tricks

Travel with children by car – Tips and Tricks

Driving with children can be quite tiring, long vacation trips are awful for some parents. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We have gathered the most useful tips and practical aids to consider when planning a road trip, whether you are on a winter vacation or a summer vacation.

Tested by experienced parents. And including a checklist. So that your trip on your well-deserved family vacation doesn’t spoil your vacation right from the start.

Reduce the pressure – spend a lot of time on your trip

Long car trips are stressful for children – and especially for little ones. They don’t have to be focused on driving and they don’t have much else to do. But that’s where the problem lies: sitting in the car for hours on end is tedious. Tied up in a child seat, small passengers can hardly move, play opportunities are extremely limited, and the daily routine becomes confusing. If there is a traffic jam, then the whining is great.

However, some of these issues can be alleviated somewhat with good planning in advance. In addition, you should consider several trip com reviews, where you can find helpful things.

The right food for a long trip

If you are traveling with children, snacks are a very important part of your holiday. Snacks should combine some useful properties: they should be healthy and offer little potential for contamination. Children should also be able to eat snacks without outside help, even when choosing all-inclusive resorts.

  • Fresh vegetables are best;
  • Small cucumbers, tomatoes, or carrots offer the best options;
  • Walnuts or berries are also good choices;
  • Avoid fatty or high-sugar snacks, as they are heavy on the stomach and offer many opportunities for contamination;
  • It is best to choose snacks that children do not eat so often and that makes them happy.

Games on the go

Every child gets bored on a long car ride. Talk to your children and play games that require nothing but language. Examples of such games are “I see something you don’t see” or you invent silly stories. If your children are a little older, you can also do mental calculations.

Children’s podcasts and audiobooks

There are special headphones for children. You can connect to children’s audiobooks or podcasts without having to hold the device that plays the audiobook. Smartphones and mobile phones are not recommended for children, as watching games on mobile phones encourages motion sickness.

If you give your child a mobile device, then set time limits. In many cases, a child cannot do anything with a half-hour time indication. Instead, tell your child clearly that he can use his cell phone until the next break.

Sunscreen and drink

To prevent the onset of travel sickness, first of all, your children should not sit in the car on an empty stomach. It also helps when children are drinking. Take enough fluids with you. This is important for both children and parents. In summer, remember that your children are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Choose the right time of day

If you travel long distances by car, you should experiment with the times of the day. It is best to set off about two hours before the children go to bed. This is true for both afternoon and night sleep. If the children are too excited, they will sleep poorly or not at all.

On the other hand, if you have been driving for some time, it will be easier for your children to fall asleep. Also, remember that your children can find a comfortable sleeping position. Neck pillows are a good solution. Also, ask about a child-friendly solution.

Mandatory items for long car journeys

In addition to food, drink, and activity, the following are part of our basic car equipment:

  • kitchen roller;
  • utility knife with blade protection;
  • wipes;
  • baby blanket (depending on the season and weather). Children should never be overly dressed in the car;
  • small change;
  • garbage bags;
  • mobile phone charging cable;

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