What is Interesting About Mount Bromo

What is Interesting About Mount Bromo

What is interesting about Mount Bromo. Until now, many natural resources owned by Indonesia have been managed into natural attractions.
You could say Mount Bromo is the most popular mountain among foreign and domestic tourists.

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  • Lack of information about Bromo (tours, activities, routes, etc.)
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  • Don’t know how to arrange effective tours & events

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What is interesting about Mount Bromo?

Its strategic location makes this most beautiful mountain in Indonesia easily accessible from various places.

The view of the sunrise on the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia is already well-known to all corners of the world, so you will find many foreign tourists who mostly come from China, Thailand, and Europe.

If the weather is supportive, you can see the sunrise against the foreground of Mount Semeru that emits smoke from a distance and the sun shines brightly that slowly rises into the sky.

From an altitude of 2,770 meters above sea level in Penanjakan.
You can also enjoy the beauty of the sea of ​​sand.

If the sun has started to rise, you can climb the mountain and enjoy the beauty of the crater of Mount Bromo which has a diameter of about 800 meters.
Then continue the journey to take pictures on the Teletubbies and savannah hills which are often used as photoshoot locations.

Do not forget to explore the sea of ​​sand which is the location of many Indonesian filmmaking awards, “Pasir Berbisik”.

Mount Bromo also has a traditional ceremony which is quite interesting and is called Yadnya Kasada. The ceremony which takes every full moon on the 14th or 15th of the Kasodo month or the tenth month.
According to the Javanese calendar is a form of gratitude or gratitude of the native population in that place, the Tengger tribe to the creator.

Yadnya Kasada ceremony is carried out by collecting the harvest and throwing it into the crater of Mount Bromo following history that has existed viz.
In ancient times it was told that a princess named Roro Anteng who was the queen of the Tengger kingdom hoped and prayed for The Creator to be given offspring.

The request was finally granted, and they were given 24 children but on the condition, they had to sacrifice their 25th child to be thrown into the volcanic crater.

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