Why is there art on every corner outside the Moco Museum?

Why is there art on every corner outside the Moco Museum?

You have been planning your visit to Amsterdam for some time. You have already prepared your itinerary with all the places you will visit. The first one that catches your eye is theĀ Moco Museum. Its young and rebellious art makes it the center of attraction for many people looking for something more than classic art. But when you finish enjoying its facilities, you notice something they callĀ street art Amsterdam. It turns out that when you leave the Moco Museum, you come across a painting or a sculpture on every corner. Why is this? Quite simply. The city of Amsterdam is aware that its strongest attraction is art, so it has decided to bring it to every corner of the city. Are you ready to enjoy the world’s largest street art Amsterdam?

Works of art everywhere

In Amsterdam, it is impossible not to enjoy a good piece of art. Whether in places like the Moco Museum or on the streets of the city, there will always be something different to appreciate. You might come across the mural dedicated to the memory of Anne Frank, whose diary served to know the difficulties of a Jewish family who hid from the Nazis during the Second World War. In the Rembrandtpark you might stumble upon some amusing oversized puppy sculptures guarding the bridge at Postejeweg. You may even meet a large polar bear in the Erasmuspark. The truth is that you will always find a different reason to appreciate art in Amsterdam. This is what has made it possible for street art Amsterdam to be ranked as the largest in the world. There is no other city that has artistic pieces scattered all over the city.

A social touch for a better future

I’m sure you’re wondering what the point of all this is. It is true that this attracts a large number of tourists every year. But another of the benefits of allowing spaces where artists can express their art is social integration. It has been shown that in this way the artists manage to make themselves known and connect with the people who enjoy their artworks. With this, the city manages to keep many young people away from problems, who feel motivated to develop as artists and in many cases achieve high levels of professionalism, sharing their artistic gifts not only with the city but also with the world. The city benefits not only from the tourists. The authors also receive their share. The result is a more integrated and motivated society.

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