Your bathroom floor is crusty Clean with a pumice stone

Your bathroom floor is crusty Clean with a pumice stone

Your bathroom floor is crusty Clean with a pumice stone. You know, how do you clean stains sometimes we call them water crusts or water rings that are really clean in the toilet bowl, sink, or bathtub?

From a very long time ago, I have always cleaned the sink and toilet bowl with all kinds of things and all titles of cleaners.
I have tried almost all brands. The result? Clean.
But the longer the porcelain or ceramic color of the toilet bowl is getting duller, brown like rust on metal.
Ugly chocolate is disgusting.
Your bathroom floor is crusty Clean with a pumice stone

Every time I asked my friend, I obediently tried the brand of cleaning they suggested.
And every time I get disappointed.
Because whatever brand of cleaner I try, the results are just like that. Clean.
But nothing can get rid of the yellowish-brown color that seems to have stuck to the toilet bowl.

If not cleaned for a long time, the ceramic floor in the room will turn yellowish or crusty.
This must be very disturbing to your view while in the bathroom.
Apart from looking dirty, over time the stain or crust will thicken and be difficult to clean.
There are ways you can do to descale the bathroom floor by using a pumice stone for cleaning as a tool.

Here are the tips:

  1. prepare a pumice stone and soapy water to descale a stubborn bathroom floor.
  2. Then make a soapy water solution and dip a pumice stone in soapy water.
  3. Then all you have to do is rub the soapy pumice stone over the crust of the bathroom floor.
  4. Do this several times until the crust is no longer visible, then flush it with water to remove
  5. any residue from the pumice stone.
  6. Finally, wipe with an old cloth to determine whether the scale has disappeared or not.
  7. If not, do it continuously until the crust disappears and your bathroom will be clean and shiny again.

Description of Pumice Cleaner

Get rid of toilet rings, chalk, rust, mold, hard water, grease, and other stains without leaving a scratch in seconds.

  • It forms easily on flat or curved surfaces.
  • Great and longer than similar products to last longer and clean better and easier
  • Works on porcelain toilet bowls, grills, grilles, and hard surfaces without leaving scratches.
  • Safe to use around pets children User friendly with a comfortable grip to keep your hands clean.
  • Clean your home with this all-purpose cleaning stone.
  • Cleaning rust scratches and lime buildup from your toilet, cleaning grills and pans from grease, grease, and buildup.
  • It is safe to use and won’t damage your toilet grille or bowl.
  • Safe to use on tiles and any hard material. The stone will remove all tough stains.
  • The stone will shape itself in various sizes and curves, the perfect size to cover any area that needs cleaning.
  • Safe for children, pets, and reusable.

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